Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Hot deal!

This weekend Joel and I were walking through the mall to get him a new battery for his watch. As I walked by the Bon Ton I noticed a display of items for 70% off. Naturally, it called to me. Joel on the other hand was on a mission. Here's the best news he's ever gotten, I'm a fast shopper. As I quickly scanned the table there was lime colored plastic picnic wear, random summer cast-offs, and finally my chicken.

Number one, I liked that it was white off the bat. Number two, it was 70% off. I wandered over to the cashier for her to price check the final price.  She rang it up to a grand total of just over $6. Sold!

As we walked away the follow conversation ensued:

Joel: What do you do with it?
Amy: It's for decoration.
Joel: Do you put something in it? Should we paint it?
Amy: We are not painting it. No we don't have to put something in it.
Joel: It doesn't even look like a chicken. People who grew up on a farm wouldn't need this.
Amy: It's like an accessory for our home. Like when you get dressed and add accessories to tie an outfit together.
Joel: *blink* *blink*

Well I like it. Joel doesn't understand the purpose but said, "well whatever makes you happy" when he realized he would never understand my rationale.

What do y'all think?


  1. Dude I love it! And FYI my mom grew up on a farm and we have a couple...and some can even be found in the actual farm house (my grandmother enjoys these chickens as well). Just saying.

  2. Nice, I like the picture on the wall as well!

  3. are you in to chicken decor, or like it mainly b/c it's white?

  4. Andrea - I am not into chicken decor :) I liked it because it's white and because it's homey. I love white accessories.

    Gretchen - to be fair his was a "hobby farm" so maybe that's the difference hahaha.