Monday, August 1, 2011

50-mile Garage Sale

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend.  We had a particularly exciting weekend. It was epic. I mean it - this was the weekend of the 50-mile garage sale! We err at least I was so excited for the big day. 

We woke up early and hit the road to be there when tables were being set up. The game plan was mostly to take in the sights and look for hidden treasures. Specifically, I would love to find bedside tables or decor items. Vague enough. 

So what did we find? 

This little gem was an interesting find. 

Anyone need a street light? You supply the pole.

While I didn't find the bedside table we did come across some pretty cool stuff. I was really into a beautiful cedar chest. Ultimately, I decided not to bother because I wasn't sure our small apartment had enough room to reasonably bring it home. It was sad but in the end for the best. Double sad was later in the day we passed by and the chest was still available. Additionally, there were pretty nifty power tools at multiple sales but again I decided against it because many were selling the tools for close to the retail price so I didn't think it was enough of a bargain. 

So what did I get? 

Two of the beverage containers and four mason jars all for a total of $2! What a deal! 

Around the three hour mark of the shop-till-you-drop garage sale our energy was falling, my blood sugar was low (read: I was getting grumpy) and the bbq chicken was our last stop before getting out of dodge. 

All and all it was a really fun experience. I am a little sad I left behind some awesome deals but you know you snooze you loose with garage sales. The silver lining, there's another marathon garage sale route in September! Woot, woot! 

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  1. 50 miles of garage sale and you came home with a couple of glass jars? I'm disappointed in you. I came home with more than that from a chance encounter with a CB2 this weekend! Have you learned nothing from our time together? :-) *sigh* I hope you at least had fun.