Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Winner-winner chicken dinner

Wow it's been a week with one East Coast earthquake and now hurricane Irene. Duck and cover! The other natural disaster is the shortening of the days and of sunlight. Ithaca is already providing more cloudiness than I care for and I'm gearing up for my annual vitamin D deficiency - aren't we all? Ah, alas summer cannot last forever. So sad. But most heartbreaking is my newest obstacle while cooking with the lack of natural light. The horror! We're going to have to make this work together.

The other night I made a super simple and delicious chicken souvalki salad loosely based on a recipe I found in Cooking Light. However, the aforementioned light issue scared me off from engaging in the usual step-by-step photo tour. Ah well, I will figure out how to do this!

Here's the final product.

This was my attempt with what little natural light I had left - as you can see the bluish tinge from the wall bouncing light onto the food is a little well odd, unnatural even.

Here's a second attempt after turning on the light.

Strange looking again but at least it gives you a little better view of the meal.

If you are interested in making this it is so easy. 12 oz. of chicken breast sauteed up with cooking spray. Romaine lettuce, red onions, black olives, fat free feta, tzatziki sauce (1/4 cup greek yogurt, 1/4 cup light sour cream, chopped parsley, and lemon juice) and a whole wheat pita. Divide by four and it's the perfect easy dinner with left overs for lunch.

Both Joel and I thoroughly enjoyed this salad! Try it and pass along any photography tips you may be hoarding.

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