Sunday, August 21, 2011

Oh hey there.

Hey y'all! I'm am sorry to say I've been MIA for the past bit. My work life has been uber hectic, as in Joel thought I abandoned him for the better part of the past week and a half. I typically saw him for a few minutes as I was crawling into bed to pass out. The good news is I am back!

Oh exciting business to share. There's something about beets I've discovered that I enjoy....the greens! It's not the actual beets yet but still progress.

In other news, Joel bought me these cheery little guys.

Aren't they fabulous? They absolutely were the little perk I needed. Well, that and the extra sleep I've been missing.

In food-news I haven't really cooked much lately because of work. I have lots of yummy recipes I'm jumping into this week so keep checking back for new posts! We did go pick some delicious cherry tomatoes.

I just dipped a few into hummus for a yummy snack.  Isn't summer grand? I love fresh tomatoes.

What have you been making lately with the tomatoes that are bursting everywhere?

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