Friday, August 5, 2011

Sweet Spot

I have a quick CSA update to share with you. There were a few items I cannot wait to dig into and share the recipes I try out. 

First, the good news. 

How awesome do these eggplants look? I am dreaming of the potential recipes to try on these puppies.  I love eggplant so I was pumped when we got not one but two of these. Yes! 

These tomatoes? I die. Dead. There is nothing I love more than summer ripe tomatoes.  It brings me back to splitting a tomato sandwich with my grandmother in the summer. The perfect light meal, toast, mayo, maybe a slice of cheese and tomato topped with salt in pepper. I'm in heaven. 

Duh, duh, DAAAAAAA! Eeek, beets. They do look wonderful, but they can't fool me. Actually I may try roasting these bad-boys. Tune in soon for updates on how that turns out. 

Also, I believe I've found the sweet spot in my apartment in terms of lighting and background for taking photos. Unfortunately, it's not in the kitchen. These photos redeem some of my terrible photos I posted yesterday. 

Happy Friday, peeps! 


  1. Make a beet cake? That has to make it taste better.

    Actual brain flash- make a beet cake, turn into cake balls that look like beets!


  2. Brandee - I love that idea for beet cake and then cake balls. That's brilliant!

  3. The beets and the eggplants are useless to me. The tomatoes, however, would be delicious sliced up on a nice slice of white bread with mayo, salt and pepper. That's how we rolled in my house. Sometimes, that would just be dinner... if we were feeling fancy, we'd get some corn on the cob. Just a thought. :-P

  4. Jenn - we typically used italian bread and when we felt like it added a little cheese. :)