Saturday, September 3, 2011


As you know, I'm am totally addicted to Pinterest and love pinning all sorts of things including food. Well my girl Martha (as in Martha Stewart, yeah we're tight) makes many appearances in food-related items on the site, natch. Well a delicious little photo got me interested in making a treat for work.

This picture to be exact
So initially, the ginger cookies caught my attention. Quick story. A local coffee shop used to carry orange ginger cookies. One day, their chocolate chip cookies were out and I was in the mood for a sweet. I begged, I mean sweetly requested my boyfriend split one of the orange ginger cookies with me because these were the as-big-as-your-head cookie variety. He obliged because he also likes sweets. Well anywho, we were both over the moon.  A couple of months later one of my best girl friends, Jenn, was in town visiting from Chicago and I had her try the  orange ginger cookies and she died...from happiness. 
Then, one day,  the coffee shop stopped carrying those cookies. I cried and cried. Well not really but I was so sad. In the meantime, Jenn a wonderful baker/photographer/Jersey Boys-obsessed girlfriend toiled all afternoon with various recipes to make the ginger cookies happen and recreate their splendor. Happy ending was had by all. I will be making these cookies soon and blog about them so you may all enjoy their deliciousness. 

Moving on, this blog is about the Snickerdoodles. I used Martha's Recipe minus the vegetable shortening and just used butter. I'm not a huge fan of shortening. They turned out so yummy. I brought them to work and my muppets (read: student staff) LOVED them! Who doesn't love cinnamon and sugar? 

 Give them a try this week - you will not regret it!

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