Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Birthday treats and applesauce

Hey friends! Did you miss me? Worry that I forgot about you? Maybe I went AWAL?

I know it went dark there for about a week worry not I'm back. More good news, I have my favorite apple sauce to share with you all.

Oh wait, you wanted to hear about my birthday. My apologies. That was rude.

I had a wonderful birthday that was filled with good food and a few special treats from the boyfriend. We did a little hiking, got away for the night, and went out to eat. Not in that order. It was such a special birthday.
Additionally, I have fun plans for a fun-filled birthday wine-tasting with friends this weekend! Yes!  My goal in life is to stretch my birthday out for as long as acceptable. I'm at a week now. Next year I turn thirty, maybe I can make it an entire month-long celebration.

Back to this year's birthday, on our way out of town we stopped at my favorite, and incidentally the only, Parisian bakery in town for a treat. This place is to die for! Let's just say it is a rare treat we go to Sarah's Patisserie. I was so pumped when he told me the plan. It was so hard to choose what treat to get. The flaky croissants both plain or almond looked butter-licious and like I could crawl inside it's beautiful layers and die a happy woman. Then there were macaroons - the French variety and not the coconut variety - that I adore. They are so delicate and feminine and perfect. The chocolate dipped ginger and chocolate dipped fruits were taunting me. Ultimately we had to choose just one treat for the trip.  We both decided on the most adorable chocolate chip monkey bread.

So number one, I died when I saw this. How brilliant is this? How have I not thought of chocolate monkey bread? Gah! And number two, for the record it tasted even better than it looked. It was perfectly moist and had the most satisfying balance between the gooey-melty chocolate and the cinnamon-sugar swirls.

We settled in for some coffee and muffins and enjoyed the best weather of our get-away and it less than a mile into our trip. C'est la vie. The get away was sweet and always nice to recharge. Oh and to celebrate my birthday of course.  I don't think I've mentioned how much I like birthdays have I?

In other news, remember when I said I'd share the fruits of our apple-picking labor.

The above turned into the most glorious applesauce.

Wanna know what's in it?

Drum roll please.....




That's it.

Rough chop as many apples as you can stand to peal and slice. Dump slices into a pot and turn heat on low. Sprinkle generous amount of cinnamon on top. Stir. Simmer until you reach your desired thickness. I prefer my sauce a little chunky. The apples are so delicious and in season, no need to add any sugar.

Speaking of sugar, one of my favorite ways to enjoy this applesauce is served warm on top of vanilla ice cream or frozen yogurt. Sadly, I had neither on hand that day.

Anywho don't wait, make this applesauce today. You will love it.

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  1. Sounds easy enough.. Glad Joel was able to take you out for a birthday weekend! The dessert place sounds like my type of place! Yum!