Sunday, September 18, 2011

Squirrels are fun

This weekend has been both fun-filled and a whirlwind. Saturday we headed out of town to visit Joel's family and to make a pit stop along the way for a little apple picking. As we're loading up I noticed this license plate.

Naturally, this sighting made me think of this video.

For the record both Joel and I are pro this little peanut playing with the dead squirrel or better yet squearlll as she pronounces it. Nay sayers, her father eventually makes her part way with the dead pest.

After the squirrel license plate we did a little of this.

As you can see there was roughly a 2:1 ratio, okay okay more like a 4:1 ratio of how many Joel picked and how many I picked. The weather was beautiful and we were ambitious and ended up with this.

That's right we picked one whole bushel because we're insane. We were able to unload a full bushel with Joel's family. Sharing = caring.

Funny story while we were at the apple orchard. I went to use the rest room and I politely knocked to check on its occupancy. Upon my knock, a small chorus of little voices sprang up, "we're locked in here." I tried to jiggle the door without success. Luckily, a staff member at the orchard was not far away and was able to spring the little bunch. Three little doe-eyed 8 year old girls sprang free. The worker-bee vowed to put up a sign, as it turns out this was not the first bunch to be locked in. Oy!

Alright, as you can see from the photos above I have my work cut out for me. I'm off to make applesauce and perhaps other apple-related goodies. Posts to follow.


  1. I'm washing my hands right now since i'm such a germaphobe and i feel dirty just watching that kid play with a dead squirrl.. haha.. yum yum1 1apple picking!! good thing you showed up or those poor girls would still be in there!

  2. Andrea - dirt = building antibodies. :)

    I love apple picking, or really any kind of picking.
    also, those poor little girls stuck in the bathroom. It was so funny though!