Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Little Miss Domestic-Goddess

I have a problem. It's a problem I'm ashamed of and need to confess.

I. Kill. Plants.

I've had this plant for a few years and over the past month or two it's really taken a turn for the worse. As you can see today's blog post title may be misleading. I really love houseplants but over the past year I've killed no less than 4 - the horror!

I dream of this:

I love the window with all of the plants. How cute is that little dog? I just know that little pup is beaming because of the plants.

Terrariums are so popular this year and I must say I understand their appeal. Like many things it took me a while to warm up to them but now I appreciate their appeal. They are a little greenhouse inside. I want one.

I love a ficus tree. I think this one is beautiful. Perhaps a bit too big for my current space but someday I will have an inside tree...that lives.

Maybe a chia pet is more my speed considering my current track record? Gah! I hope to turn this curse around.

Are you into house plants? What have you had the most success with?

Have a good day!

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