Thursday, November 3, 2011

Pinterest Recipe Review

As you know I'm hooked to Pinterest. It is visually appealing and many posts inspire me with a new take on home decor, confidence in diy projects, and of course recipes. As a matter of fact I've used pinterest for many recipes I have posted here including, zucchini pizzamy favorite slawkale chips, and of course beet chips and these are just some of the recipes I've tried thanks to the site. Pinterest has helped me explore recipes and even got me to eat beets which is no small task! In general, the recipes I have tried are fantastic.

Not too long ago I was excited when I saw a pin for quinoa broccoli cheese bake, pinned here.

How unbelievable does this look? Plus it's has healthy and nutty-flavored quinoa and broccoli oh and of course CHEESE! I was totally in. So I hastily threw it together and baked it off.

It's so easy as you can see it's essentially mixing a few ingredients together and precooking the quinoa before baking off together.  I even used frozen broccoli to save time. So A+ for quick and easy. Also, quinoa is such a power house and healthy food and its unique and pleasant nutty flavor adds a lot in terms of interest to the dish.

But, I wasn't crazy about this dish. It's so sad because the pin looked so great and even my finished dish was appealing! I suspect it was the canned soup that gave the dish its somewhat artificial taste. I may give it another whirl and take out the canned soup and instead use a simple béchamel. Also, I should say in defense of the original recipe I deviated from the recipe in an effort to choose somewhat healthier options and used reduced sodium soup as well as lower fat cheese. I think the cheese was just fine but the reduced sodium soup may have contributed to the "off" flavor. Contrary to what Sandra Lee believes semi-homemade isn't always the best choice. I have learned my lesson.

As an aside, did anyone ever see the Semi-homemade episode when she made "truffels"...umm she used canned frosting and rolled it in chocolate powder. Blech. There's no way that worked out well. I will say she knows her cocktails! See, we all have our strengths.

So there you have it, the good, the bad, and the ugly of pinterest. You best believe it will not deter me from my pinterest-cooking adventures! If I remake this recipe with better success I will be sure to share and include the recipe.

What new recipes have you tried recently?

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