Monday, November 21, 2011

Christmas crafts are coming

This week is the beginning of the holiday season and so I have so many DIY projects up my sleeve so I'm going to preview a couple. First thing you should know about me and crafts...they generally aren't my thing. However, between pinterest and blogs that I read I decided to give crafts a second look.

Earlier this year I decided I wanted to learn how to sew so that one day I could use my powers to make pillows and window treatments. Who says I don't dream big? As luck would have it my mother had an extra (read: 30 year old machine) that she wasn't using because she had a shiny new machine. Fabulous!

I found what looked to be fairly simple and signed up the woman who birthed me to come out and help, oh and teach me about sewing. It's the cutest fabric key chain holder. As is usually the case, I underestimated how long this "little" project would take. At the end of the day, we had cut, iron, fused, and begun to sew some of the beginnings together. Here's the finished prototype.

My mother the hand model. Later this week I will be finishing the project. Stay tuned for the step by step.

Another Christmas project I have under way, as of yesterday after a quick trip to Michaels for supplies, is this Pottery Barn hack.

If it turns out well I may make a second for a girl friend of mine (who never reads my blog so it would remain a surprise). 

The other project I want to share is the chair I have big plans to reupholster.

Clearly this is not a Christmas gift but I figure if I put it on the internet it will give me the kick to get this project moving and fast! This is clearly a bit more ambitious. But this baby was a steal and in amazing shape albeit a bit dated. First things first, I need to pick up the new fabric. Also, the wood needs to be reconditioned. Finally, the big project. Should be exciting.

What projects do you all have under way for the holiday?


  1. Oh Amy you know I have tons, Lady bug hat, cupcake hat, tiny mittens to decorate wine gifts & maybe a tiny mitten, hat, stocking advent calender. Though I have a feeling I won't be using that one until next year. I am crocheting up a storm.

  2. Brandee I cannot wait to see pictures. Your projects are amazing!