Saturday, November 26, 2011

Post-Thanksgiving Recovery Meal

I'm taking a break from decorating for Christmas (read: procrastinating) and it currently looks like a bomb went off in my apartment. Isn't that always the way? Two weeks ago I went to an information session at Pottery Barn on decorating for the holidays and now I'm trying to recall the advice and set up my decorations like a professional. Ahem, you can guess how that's going. So, I thought this is the best time to pop in to a share a fabulous recipe I made pre-Thanksgiving but would be a nice and light post-turkey day meal.

Surprise of all surprises I did not find this in Martha Stewart or Cooking Light's recipe arsenal. It's a  Real Simple recipe that I tweeked and added some green veggies to since it was lacking in this one area. It's a super easy vegetable salmon bake and here's the final product.

It is a fast and easy dinner which makes it a contender for a weekday meal. I know some people *cough* attempt 90 minute meals *cough* during the week. ahem. So now that I've confessed I want to tell you all I'm a reformed woman and am attempting more reasonable meals during the week. Of course my problem is I do not often read the recipe all the way through. Doh! Don't be like me. 

Back to the salmon bake all I did was roast, at 400 degrees, the potatoes, brussel sprouts, and mushrooms tossed in a tablespoon of olive oil and salt and pepper for about 20 minutes or until the potatoes softened. 

Next up plop on the salmon. 

Plop, it's a real cooking term. Look it up. 

Oh be sure to salt and pepper your salmon, unless of course you enjoy bland food. 

The final step is to pour some lemon, dijon mustard, and apple cider quick vinaigrette on top. 

This will get you over the post-Thanksgiving food hang over. Check out the Real Simple website for their version.

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