Thursday, July 5, 2012

I love lamp.

I hope you all had a fabulous 4th! Oddly enough Ithaca celebrates with fireworks on the 2nd. Weird right? That coupled with Joel working yesterday meant I spent the day crafting up some red and blue jams. More on that later.

Remember the lamp I showed you a few weeks ago? No? Ok, I'll refresh your memory.

My mother mentioned that she wanted a new lamp for her bedroom that is primarily yellow with a few green accents. Good god are nice lamps expensive. A budding crafty-blogger that I attempt to be I decided I was going to DIY this year's Mother's Day gift. The search for the base didn't take long; one trip to the local Salvation Army and I found this beauty.

$5 later and I had it home. Can I just say what in the world is this color combination? In what decor would this actually "work?" Of course the good news is the shape is just perfect. I loved the curves and angles. I looked soft and I thought with a large drum shade and a new paint job we could be in business.

I am a terrible blogger, but you already knew this since it went quiet here for a couple months recently, aneeewaaay, I forgot to take pictures throughout the redo process.

::blink, blink::

Doh! The breakdown from how I got from taupey-brown-sapphire mess to the end result goes a little something like this. First, I taped up the cord and the top hardware. Next up was a thorough wipe down. This puppy was durrty. Then I sprayed on some base spray paint that I had kicking around. Finally, a few even coats of the green paint I picked up at Hobby Lobby.

Let me give you the breakdown of the approximate cost of this project.  
$5 - lamp at Salvie's
$0 - Zinsser primer paint (already owned)
$5 - green spray paint from Hobby Lobby
$15 - large drum shade from Lowe's
Total: $25

Not too shabby for the end result. Now I want one for me. :)


  1. thanks daughter... it works well in its new home.. as you can atest!!! love your MOTHER

  2. I want one for me too! I don't even have a place for it, I just want it. Great job! This looks fabulous.

    As an aside, Ithaca allows fireworks? I didn't even know they made organic, flameless, 100% biodegradable fireworks. Who knew? :-P

    1. I know it's surprising about the fireworks, no?

      Thanks! I want one too - I'm on the look out for new redos.