Friday, June 29, 2012

Formal Introductions and a frozen treat

I need to forewarn you - this is a longish post. I've got a lot to catch you up on.

Internet meet Frida.

Hi, Frida! Isn't she the cutest?

Let me give you the back story. We weren't getting a dog. For that reason I perused Thompkins County SPCA to check out the pups from time to time. Yeah, that's a reasonable thing to do for people not getting a dog. So anyway in early April I saw the sweetest picture of little Frida on the site I started begging Joel to go look at her with me. That same day we look again and she was gone. Adopted. Gone. Ah well, wasn't meant to be. Plus, as you remember, we were not getting a dog.

Two weeks later and a similar event ensued. SPCA website shows Frida and characterizes the little peanut as friendly, shy, and sweet. We green light it and rush to visit with her. She was so sweet, didn't pull on a leash, and the perfect size. Cut to adopting her and picking her up two days later. She totally lied to us. She pulls on her leash, a lot. To the point of me wanting to scream after one embarrassingly bad walk. We bought a gentle leader and my rage has subsided. Clearly no dog or person (ahem) is perfect but Frida is pretty darn fantastic.

Cut to her hair cut. (Aren't I funny?) We decided to get her groomed and it was abundantly clear that I have been a terrible dog-owner/lover. Want proof? See her before picture.

Sorry for the blurriness. She was wiggly. Please notice her lion's mane around her neck and the hair in front of her eyes. I let her walk around like this for two months.

The after.

So much better. She can see now!

In food related news I saw a pin on pinterest for "frosty paws" which are basically doggie frozen treats. I whipped up the "recipe" minus the honey it called for. It's a 32 oz. plain nonfat yogurt, 3 tablespoons of peanut butter, and 1 mashed banana. I used a hand mixer to smooth it out and plopped dollops into two ice cube trays and froze.  

She loves them. Just like yours truly she uses a hot summer day as the perfect opportunity for a cool treat.

Oh and for those of you who may be wondering why she was returned to the SCPA and subsequently why we adopted her after her "rejection." Well in fact little Frida, who was originally a stray, was more than the woman bargained from with her children and other animals. She was just so cute she couldn't say least at first.  Her loss was our gain.

Moral of our story is, we love Frida, we love the SPCA, and we love frozen treats.


  1. Frida is so cute- did you come up with the name or did she come with it?

    1. Thanks! I wish I could say we were that clever but the SPCA named her. We toyed with a few other names but Frida stuck and fits her!

  2. Your Frida is a dead ringer for our Zoey. Zoey's mother is a yorkie and we think dad is a Jack Russel. Do you know her parentage?

    1. She was a rescue dog from the SPCA. She's also 25 lbs so I think she's got a least one medium sized dog in the mix.