Monday, March 19, 2012

New fabric & bbq weekend

Very happy Monday, no really, happy Monday!! Let me just say the weekend was amazing; I felt like it was mid-June rather than mid-March. I told Joel that we should move to Virginia or south generally to enjoy this type of weather every year. A lot of time was spent outside and we even got in a BBQ, northern style (read: grilling) and not southern style.

I also wanted to update you all on fabrics that I recently bought. If you remember I am interested in taking up quilting. I hope to take a local class in the coming weeks and so in preparation I sought out some inspiration fabrics and came across a wonderful seller on Etsy, Dreamy Vintage Sheets, and found some gorgeous and affordable vintage sheets. Check 'em out.

That stack is so inspiring! I can't wait to get using them.

I adore this pack. I think I will use these in my first quilt. Since the class will be throughout the spring I feel this patriotic bunch would make a beautiful summery quilt for picnics and snuggling under the stars. Don't you agree? 

Don't you love how I led you to a yes? It's a skill people. 

These are just the sweetest! I have no idea what I will do with these but I have the most darling niece so who knows.

I love the fun and whimsy of this group.

Last but not least is this little foursome. True story about this group - I didn't order them. The seller threw them in! This leads me to a note on this seller she was very quick, threw in an extra little bundle, and refunded me unneeded shipping costs. Clearly, I will be using her again and I would recommend you check her out.

Also, the fabrics are all fat quarters minus the last group (I think they may be a little bit smaller. People, I'm learning quilting jargon. If you aren't sure what a FQ is let me explain with my very limited understanding, it's essentially the cut of the fabric, 18'' x 22'', that allows the maximum usage of the fabric.

How did I do?

In other news I wanted to show you some pictures I snapped over the weekend. This weather inspired me to purchase some spring-time flowers from the grocery store. Also, we got in a picnic and the local park looked a little bit other-worldly.

Although I am sad to see how low the lake is that drift wood was calling my name. I've seen some fabulous DIY crafts that would just be darling for summer. It feels like summer is just around the corner. Of course it is still March in Central New York so that means snow is not out of the question. But for now, I'm enjoying and soaking up this beautiful and crazy weekend.

Your turn: what did you do over the weekend? Are you as energized for the week as I am, or am I nuts? Scratch that; no need to answer that last question.

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