Monday, March 5, 2012

Camera Strap update

Happy Monday! I had the most relaxing weekend ever. It was fabulous. I thought I would update you on some highlights including the camera strap update.

So you may remember the monstrosity of an attempted camera strap. There were all sorts of problems going on but to sum it up it was ill fitted. After chatting with me mum and her super-sewer friend Debra I decided to take a second whack at it and fix my mistake. They provided several ideas of how best to approach the project and in the end it took less than an hour to correct - yes!

The most important lesson I learned is to measure the camera strap myself instead of following a guide online. The short-story of what I did was seam ripped the strap cover and using the new measurements cut it down to size with 1/4 inch seam allowance.

Check out the fit now.

Much better, no? It's not perfect but it is absolutely a major improvement. Now I am ready for spring!

In other news, I told you there was a whole lot of relaxing going on around here this weekend. Well, I had a cuddle buddy....check out who.


Emma can you hear me?

Emma loves Joel more than she loves me. Emma is a beautiful dog of a friend of mine who I occasionally dog-sit for. Emma spent the majority of her weekend lounging around. The other half of the time she spends acting like Randall from Monsters Inc. but that's why we love her.

How was your weekend? Did you relax or have an adventure?

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