Monday, February 20, 2012

Camera Strap....take one

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend. I had a busy but fun-filled weekend. First, we enjoyed Chilifest with Joel's family and a friend. It was wonderful to see his family and spend time with his nugget of a nephew while enjoying some really delicious chili. Then we enjoyed a local comedyfest - it was a fest-filled weekend - organized by a local improv group, the Comedy Flops, that a good friend of ours is a member.  Besides a fairly alarming emcee the improv show was so fun.  Additionally, a portion of the proceeds raised go toward helping lower-income families afford local CSAs. You know we were all about that cause.  

Needless to say after a busy Saturday I was excited for a relaxing Sunday. 

So you remember this teaser I showed off last week. 

I was so excited and full of hope with this little project. As you know I am dreaming of quilt making and my pinterest proves it with an entire board dedicated to quilts I want to make. 

This is a fairly straight forward project. Measure, cut, sew, iron. Turns out to be not that simple. I used a tutorial that I think was a little off and likely a good dose of user error made this not-so-perfect. Oh right, and I used fabrics that are difficult to sew particularly for a new sewer. Doh! 

Check it out. 

Do you notice the ironing board fabric and the camera strap fabric? People, I like what I like. 

I didn't snap a photo but I also attached iron on interface. That was straight-forward and uneventful.

Let's talk about the finished product. Not too shabby from the photos but upon closer inspection it is flawed. First, I had no idea that the gingham is sort of snag-prone.  

Also, as you can see the strap isn't exactly straight down or tight on the strap. 

On the plus side I did get some practice with sewing, always a plus. The fabric really is cheery and has me excited for spring. I plan to take another go at this little project but do my own measuring instead of relying on a tutorial. 

In the meantime this is my mantra for sewing and eventually quilting. 

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