Friday, February 24, 2012

Dreaming of summer

Every year around February I think the entire Northeast dreams of breezy summer days sitting on a front porch. Well I know at the very least that I do. As a matter of face around this time last year I hosted a salsa and mojita's party. Quick pause, mojita's are so perfect and so festive for a party.

I checked pinterest to find the most mouth-watering summer-inspired festive foods (say that 5 times fast). Here's what is inspiring me.

Mountain Mama Cooks shows off her easy blender salsa. It looks like a restaurant salsa. One of my friends whips up something similar and let me tell you it is delicious.

Allison at Disney Family gives a peak at Fiesta rice. I actually made a similar dish earlier this week and it was so good. I recommend this light and healthy dish.

What's summer foods without a burger? Beth at Budget Bites switches up the basic burger to a healthier and fun twist with Greek Turkey Burgers. Yummy.

Nothing says summer like fresh summer greens and veggies. I realize you can get these items year round but really there is nothing better than fresh and tender lettuce. All Recipes of all places had this Poached Salmon Nicoise Salad that has my mouth watering.

If these foods don't get you excited to kick back and relax then I have a treat for you....Sophia Grace and Rosie!! I flippin' love these girls. They are so cute. Also, how fun are those skirts? I die. Take a look at their latest antics on Ellen.

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