Monday, February 13, 2012

Inspiration Monday

I sometimes find Monday's to be a hard reality check from often relaxing and productive weekends. This weekend was particularly relaxing as well as inspiring for future projects. For that reason I thought I might start off this Monday by reflecting back on so much of what I loved from the weekend and now look forward to.

In food-related news I made French toast for a Sunday treat. My main-squeeze hinted that oatmeal was not all that appealing and I offered to make the treat. We were both pleased.  I of course put peanut butter, maple syrup, and banana on my toast. It is an amazing combination.

Moving on to what inspired me. I spent a little time surfing the blogosphere and pinterest over the weekend. Honestly, are there other uses for the internet? Well, Avenue Q has some suggestions (google, Avenue Q and the internet for a giggle or perhaps blush).

Anywho, one of the problems with blogs is the more you read the more you find and the more you find the more you love. It can be exhausting. I happened to stumble upon Inspired By Charm. You guys, this man is so amazing and creative. I want to be his friend in real life. Doesn't that happen with good blogs?  He had a gorgeous section on quilting and this photo blew my mind.

I had no idea a (non Pottery Barn) quilt could look like that! I am smitten! I must quilt! Pinterest to the rescue. I found a succession of bright and unexpected quilts that I have to make right now....right now!!! I called my mother and told her I've lined up our next project.  Take a look at The Good Report's beautiful quilts. 





I decided to start small and rushed off to the store and picked up some fabric. I'm going to start with a small quilting project (not a blanket). Take a peak at the fabric. Stay tuned for what it turns into. 

Now it's your turn. What did you do this weekend that excited/inspired/relaxed you? 


  1. I finally took my Kitchen-Aid mixer to get fixed (and by "took it to get fixed", I mean, gave it to my boyfriend's very handy father and pointed him to some YouTube instructional videos). Upon it's safe return to me, I am looking forward to making a rosy cake (a variation on this Haven't quite decided on the flavors yet but I've got time. :-)

    1. OMG I love that! So fabulous and great news that it was fixed. :)

      We need to schedule a phone date!

    2. Fo' Sho... I'm going out of town the Tues-Thurs but will be around other than that.