Thursday, March 1, 2012

Lake Placid Adventure

As promised, to my mother, I am bringing you (mom) a post on our weekend in Lake Placid. Get excited.

Our journey began well enough but half way to Lake Placid we were in the middle of an icy-slushy-snowy-terrifying drive. At one point we considered turning around but realized we would be driving through the back end of the storm so we soldiered on and made it albeit an hour and a half later than expected. On the plus side we were greeted by this scene.

Even though I grew up in New York State and even have college friends from the Adirondacks I have never been to Lake Placid. It is such a beautiful town. The day we arrived we decided to walk around the Main Street area and explore the rows of shops. You can imagine how thrilling this was for Joel; it's a good thing he loves me.

One of the shops had Christmas goodies still on display and I happened across this felted ornament. I snapped a pic in hopes that I craft this business up next year for my tree.

On our second day we decided to check out the Olympic sites. First up, the Olympic museum and to check out the relics of the two Olympics Lake Placid hosted. This is the line up of bobsleds or as I like to think of them death traps. Incidentally, the weekend we visited was actually the bobsled and skeleton world championships.

The Olympics really brings out the patriotism, don't you think?

Next door to the Olympic Center is the Lake Placid High School - naturally. The front lawn of the High School the outdoor Olympic Speed Skating rink, of course.

Oh, I almost forgot to mention the weather while we were there was COLD. I mean wind chills in the single digits during the day. For that reason we opted against going to the bobsled event to shiver and freeze all day. Instead, it was off to the Olympic ski jumping area. Here's the view from afar.

Now is a good time to mention that I'm not crazy about heights. I blame my mother. The woman is afraid of heights and made it known through various hyperventilating panic attacks throughout my childhood. I was interested to check out the top of the ski jumps but was not thrilled about going onto  the outdoor observation deck; I did it anyway.  Joel snapped the two pictures to demonstrate what the jumper sees before flinging him/herself down the jump.

Let's take a moment to check out the scale of that large machinery at the base of the jump.

Ok moving on.

You guys, I have played Wii sports and really love the ski jumping...because I am so good at it. Something tells me this does not adequately prepare me to actually jump from this craziness. As a matter of fact, on the way up the worker-bee extolled horror stories from the previous week: a broken back on one unlucky jumper and a broken ankle for another. No thanks.

That is why I felt happiest behind these at the top of the 150 meter jump.

There you have it - the highlights of our weekend. In addition, we had delicious food and saw a cute romantic comedy play over the weekend.  Joel and I are already planning a return trip this summer.

We were sad to leave but we were thankful for an uneventful and safe drive home.

Until next time, this is  the face of a man plotting all the biking and hiking for our summer trip.


  1. you are entirely welcome daughter for your assorted phobias and fears that i gave you as a child!!! looks like you had fun! love mom

  2. Hey Amy,.....
    I am glad to see that you made it up to placid I was up there in the begining of the week visiting the family, My family ( sister her b.f and parents actually went to the 2 man event at the bobsled).... looks like you got in some of the major sites... My dad said that the weather really went to h*** afterI left though sorry you did not getto enjoy it in all its beauty!! If you ever need any other ideas or "secrete gems" to go check out up there let me know.. specially for food.. there are some great places out of placid in the surrounding areas.... let me know... hope all is well over in the gorges!!!!!

    I have noticed that you post this blog link all the time but have been too busy with the little man around the house to check it out... seems realy great...I like some of the recipe titles... I will have to go back and dig a bit deeper!!!! ( Once I dig out from all this snow) I am a closet foodie and am always looking for new good cooking ideas for the family!

    1. Hi Brett!!

      I was actually thinking about you and this area since I remembered you were from the area AND I remember your poster of Whiteface in Fanelle! :) We are planning a trip back in the summer and I would love some tips.

      Also - yes please let me know if you are this way visiting your sister and her bf - such a small world. It would be great to see you, your wife, and your little peanut. :) I heard you all had a nice visit with Jenn in Chicago - I was jealous I was not there to chat up too. I would love to hear how you are doing.

      Thanks for the kind words on my blog! :)

  3. Looks like a christmas trip at the beginning :) the Olympics stuff is really quite neat. I'd be fascinated by it all. thanks for sharing

    1. Thanks Andrea! I really loved the trip and would highly recommend it! :)