Thursday, January 19, 2012

Sisal Rope Bowl

You know how some people are really into celebrities and watch E! and Entertainment Tonight to keep up with the shinanigans? Well, I'm like that but with bloggers. Ok, ok and with the Kardashians. Keep your judgment to yourself people, I have guilty pleasures too.  I have some blogger favorites who I follow closely and see their crafty genius and am both inspired and jealous of their skills. Now I'm not some crazy-stalker (isn't that just what a stalker would say?) but sometimes I copy cat some of the ideas other bloggers craft.  Here's a secret...I'm not much of a crafter. Really it's only been the past year and a half that I've dipped my toes into crafting waters. See I have had friends teach me to knit or host crafting afternoons while I sip coffee and chit chat while they are hard at work. Maybe it's my age (remember, I am turning 30 this year) but I'm getting into crafting a little bit.  Today I'm going to show off one of my recreations.

Fun right? And it's a super simple craft, natch. I love the natural texture and had visions of hosting this guy on my counter for fruits and veggies that are not refrigerator types.  Ultimately, I've decided to give it to my mama as a thank you for helping me with the chair reupholstery job. Oh right about that. 

Quick update, I am tackling the legs this weekend. Next up...the actual reupholstery job. EEEK! 

Back to the sisal bowl. I started with a cheap-o bowl.  

Bought some Sisal Rope from the Home Depot. This business was about $5 and I needed two. 

And slowly started hot glueing the puppy on. 

Here's the end result again. 

I think I may make one for myself. That's right people, I'll give my mother the test version. 

Feel free to check out real skill at Centsational Girl and her version. 


  1. thought it was surprise!! but i love it!! thanks daughter!!!!

  2. I still can't believe you covered up that beautiful Halloween bowl but it did turn out really awesome! Nice job!! I may enlist your services and/or teaching skills one of these days to create my own!