Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Get it together CNY - New Spring Artwork

I am beyond excited for spring. Last winter was a bah-east, seriously. Brutal. So I'm thinking that we're all set for this winter and so far we've had it pretty easy. Fairly mild temps and even a few days with blue skies. I'm not looking for much here. On the other hand if we had some snow I'd get some mileage out of the brand new snow shoes I bought in December.

Anywho, I'm excited to put away all of my cozy-winter decor and freshen the place up with bright and cheery accessories. I realize it is a ridiculous for this time of year to hope for spring - heck I've seen snow flakes in May so we're far from out of the woods. Nonetheless I need a little fresh and bright business up in hurrr. I hustled my booty down to Lowe's and picked up some white spray paint and set out to make some changes.

I started with this frame that I had kickin' around. It's just fine but I have a thing with black frames and I still like black frames but remember I'm thinking light, fresh, spring in the dead of winter.

Now it was a warmer day, just below the recommended 50 degrees or so. Whoops, mistake one. Do you spot my second mistake? Yep - it's a windy day out. But I won't be deterred. Determined often means acting a fool. 

Yeah, I bet those flimsy rocks will hold down the newspaper that I over sprayed anyway, doh. Anywho, it worked out. I brought the little sucker in and after drying for a day I starting looking for what I could put in my new white and crispy frame. Well as it turns out I have two sheets of paper from the Paper Source from a visit I had in Boston literally years ago that I had tucked away and forgotten about. But I tried em out. 

Omg I was giddy. How perfect that the matte was gray? It totally picked up the gray from the cheery yellow print. Also, the grey and yellow combo has been trending for what almost a year? Sure, I'll jump on that band wagon now. I like my trends to be well tested. I'm not what you would call a "trend setter." It's ok, I like me. 

How much do I love this print. Bigger is better. hehehe I crack myself up. 

Then I remembered I have this beast of a frame I could also fill up. Double the fun! 

Also, what is the staging happening up there? Or lack there of. What a hot mess. Here's the swap out.

That's more like it! Please avert your eyes to the piling dust pile at the front. Look away. 

This is so fun and perfect. I am going to set up a little spring fun on the side board. Stay tuned.

In other spring related news, I decided I'm going to run another 5k at the end of March. Why God, why? If you haven't heard I'm turning 30 later this year and I thought a 10k may be a good and yet torturous way to ring in the big 3-0. After all that's how I roll, fun and torture full. Hmmm, I may need professional help stat. A 5k seemed like the first logical step toward a 10k and putting it all out on the internets may help keep me on track. It's not going to be pretty friends.


  1. I love those flower prints! how's the 5k training going??

    1. Thanks! 5k training is...going. I missed a few days but I was back at it today. Oy!