Friday, January 27, 2012

New Obsession....dressers

You guys, I have a true confession to make. I am officially obsessed with dressers. Wait, what? Back that up. Here's the deal, I am blog-lover almost to stalker proportions. For instance, I'll go through and check out all the juicy details of diy projects and transformations of my favorite bloggers and then I'll check out their favorite bloggers and so on and so on. You get the picture. I have a problem.

Enter dressers. 

You guys, these puppies are so versatile. And the storage. Shut your mouth. I have literally been dreaming of all of the uses and perfect places for my newest obsession. Cut to the scene of my half-finished upholstered chair. Ooopsies. I am hoping in the next couple of weeks to wrap up that project. Hence the need to line up my next project.  Joel is a lucky man, no? This weekend we have a dinner and a movie date planned and I've slipped in a pre-date plans....Salvation Army and the ReUse store. What, what! (Amy Poehler style in Baby Mama - you know what scene I'm talking about).

Let me show you some of the dressers I'm drooling over and that are inspiring me to take up a new project. These are all re-dos from bloggers. They are so good. I actually prefer their custom looks over store-bought fresh that I've check out online. 

I just love the pulls and the office organizer slots on this one. The top drawers add interest with their wood shape detail.

Basically everything Centsationalgirl does is beautiful and perfect. I love that she kept the original pulls and hardware. It turned out beautiful, didn't it? 

Another re-do by Life In The Fun Lane, so much love. I love the warm and neutral color. 

These are some of the beautiful dressers I've recently become obsessed with. As you can see none are necessarily bedroom dressers - I am winning Joel over on this idea. I love how a beautiful and solid piece can anchor a room with its presence. Clearly, light and white-neutral is my current obsession. I cannot wait to check out thrift stores this weekend! 

What about you? Am I the only weirdo, or are you all drooling over a new piece of furniture or itching for a new DIY? 


  1. You're not the only dresser weirdo. I love them, too!! You should see the two I painted in contrasting greens... beautiful! And I agree, very practical!!!

    1. I'm so glad to hear that Leslie! Also, I want to see pictures. :)

  2. I have been redoing dressers/buffets/ hutches, etc since I moved into my house... I am up to 4 but I keep them natural... however if I was not such a stained wood junky I definitally say painting is the way to go!!!! I just need to find a better suplier for my obsession pluas a bigger hosue to put them all in.