Monday, July 25, 2011

Beet Try Number 1

This week we got a fresh batch of beets in the good ol' CSA. As you know beets and me aren't bff's 4ever. But, I am game to keep trying. I read somewhere, or at the very least had a dream about, the "fact" that it takes between 12-20 exposures for kids to warm up to certain foods. Since I'm roughly three four times the age of small children. Does that mean I need to expose myself to things even more? Hmm points to ponder.

Here's the reason for my perseverance.  One: they are pretty when prepared. Two: I could use more purple in my diet even though I eat blueberries around 4-5 times a week. Three: If the beets win then the earth will fall off its axis.

I. will. win.

I found a recipe for Candy-Striped Beet and Carrot Slaw. Follow the link for the recipe.

Only, I substituted lemon and lime juice instead of the orange because they are out of season and therefore look terrible in the grocery store. Also, I forgot the dill. Ok so this isn't starting out great. BUT! I did practice my knife skills while julienning carrots and beets - score!

Here are the results

Look, pretty! 

The verdict: blech. No dice. It wasn't terrible but I would characterize this salad as edible. We can do better!

Additionally, Joel said he liked it but it sort of tasted like dirt. SEE! Beets taste like dirt!

I will prevail!



  1. Beets are delicious! I will have to make that and judge for myself!

  2. Great literary style. I'm referencing "I. Will.Win." I can relate to that feeling...also. The salad looks great!

  3. Oh my gosh! You read my blog - yay! We have some left if you want a bite.

  4. Edible! EDIBLE! I should call plagiarism or foodiarism for stealing my patented cooking style/goals. :-) Beats are the worst. Good luck.