Wednesday, April 11, 2012

PW Devil Dogs

True confession time: I've been a little uninspired in my cooking lately. I think I need to shake up my normal routine and go-to recipes a bit. This probably means I should hit pinterest pretty hard; don't you think?

One reason for the cooking funk is a weekend of hiking and walking. Let's just say by Sunday night there was a lot of complaining of sore legs coming from my mouth. Isn't spring a kick in the mouth? I was hiking every weekend just a few months ago. In my own defense there were a lot of stairs and hills. Ugh. Check it out.

I can't wait for spring to bloom. Won't this be an even more stunning view when the trees are full and vibrant?

Even in my cooking-funk I do have a new treat to share with you....Devil Dogs! It is a Pioneer Woman special. For that reason, I'll happily link up the recipe but I didn't change a thing so check out PW's website for the details.

It starts with the frosting that begins on the stove top. Hang in there with me.

Then you dump it in the creamed butter and sugar.

Look how fluffy this look? It's surprisingly delicious and a welcomed departure to the too-sticky-sweet frosting and a more subtle and amazing treat.

Then I whipped up a Texas Sheet Cake. Why are they called that? Who knows. Again, I did as PW told me. But I will say that in the future I might add some espresso or coffee. The chocolate-coffee combo is so beautiful.

Speaking of beautiful....

Go make this today. Report back. Please. My muppets loved these and I know you and yours will too.


  1. This looks delicious! I think it's called Texas sheet cake because it makes a bigger cake than just a 9x13. Looks like you had so much fun hiking!

  2. These look Delicious! I followed you over form Southern Lovely and would love it if you shared these; and any other posts you would like to, at my link party. Have a great week.


  3. Yum! Those look delish! I might have to make these tonight :-)