Friday, June 24, 2011

CSA: Week 2

Week two of the CSA already, yipee! As I spread out the veggies I was so excited for a couple of reasons. First, it was Joel's birthday so I was counting on the goods to inspire a delicious and fresh birthday dinner menu. Secondly, more than just greens this week. That is what I call a win-win.

Swiss chard, lettuce and a bag of mixed greens

There were some greens but since we're still munching our way through last week's greens it was a mercifully smaller amount. I am really digging the chard.

baby bok choy
How great is this baby bok choy? I think this would be really delicious lightly sautéed and topped with some chinese spice currently in my fridge. 

scallions and garlic scapes
I almost forgot how many garlic scapes we get in this CSA. The good news is I think I'm having a love affair with them now after being completely perplexed by these little cuties last year. 

zucchini  and summer squash

Now we are talking about summer! I love zucchini so much. I have some great recipes I'm anxious to dive into again. I realize it's still early in the season but I look forward to when zucchini is over taking the crop. Nothing tastes more like summer for me. 

There it is; this week's vegetable haul and inspiration.  After laying out the goods I had lots of ideas swirling around for the birthday celebration dinner. I'll be posting the results soon.

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